Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book Review for Quiz #3

Choose one of the stories you've read so far and apply all the stuff about screenwriting in Chapter 1.

Talk about:
What Genre is it?
What Plot Type?
What type of Conflict?
Describe what happens in Act I, II, and III?
Write a logline for the story.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Requirements for the presentation:
1. Approx. 15 minutes long
2. Make a powerpoint with at least 10 slides, and accompanying visuals
3. Feel free to bring in movie clips to demonstrate your topic.
4. Become the expert in that subject. Teach the class the most important things you need to know.
5. Make a quiz (5-10 questions) to go along with your presentation.

Each friday we will have a few presentations and a quiz on the assigned chapters.

Here's the schedule:

Sept 16th:
2. Preproduction Zach Johnson
3. Budgeting Justin Van Duren
4. Scheduling

Sept 23rd:
6. Location Justus Page
7. Auditioning Actors Isiah Suazo
8. The Crew

Sept 30th:
9. Equipment Ryan Ditta
10. Production Design Katherine Jelte

Oct. 7th:
11. Production Bransen Moyle
12. Directing Rylee Syme

Oct. 14th:
13. Cinematography Haley Ford

Oct. 19th:
14. Audio Recording Ellie Dunn
15. Hair and Makeup Gerardo
16. Craft Services and Catering

Oct. 28th:
17. Editing Jesse Tomlin
18. Visual Effects

Nov. 4th:
19. Postproduction Audio
20. Music Romeo Lara

Nov. 11th:
21. Distribution